segunda-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2009

Pictures around the world - Memories of a photographer

Are you the kind of person who loves taking pictures when you travel? So you'll enjoy reading this interview with photographer Renato Negrão, who has been to Europe, Africa and Asia and has wonderful pics to share with us, like this one from Varanasi, India.

- As a professional photographer, you have traveled abroad many times. What were the best experiences and why?
Renato - It was my trip to India. My first day in that country was in the city of Mumbai, former Bombai. I was completely amazed to walk on the streets, facing the new things, to meet a very different people, who transmitted a fantastic feeling of peace. It’s impossible to go there and come back the same person. It may sound like a cliché, but that’s true.
I’m the kind of person that, when I travel, I always try to learn and not judge. I guess a good traveler must have disposition to, at least, know the new things, and be open to the different things. I hate it when I hear someone complaining about something just because that is different from the background this person has. I always tell everyone who asks me about India that you can go, but go prepared not to judge, and then you’ll have one of the greatest travel experiences in your life.

- What was the most exotic place you've visited? How was the experience?
Renato -
It was in Varanasi, also in India. In my blog I describe the experience,
but it was like I was in trance. The city is 2000 years old and it is the sacred place for the Hindus. I’ve seen bodies being burnt on the edge of Ganges River, children’s bodies being tied to a stone to be thrown at the river, I woke up at the dawn to see the sunrise and watch a wonderful ceremony; it was a trip to the sacred.

- What are the main difficulties you face when traveling abroad to work? Is there any kind of prejudice against Brazilians?
Renato - I was always welcomed on these business trips. When I was covering the World Cup, for example, the fact that I was Brazilian helped me a lot; we were always wearing a green and yellow uniform to identify ourselves. I’ve already been to Africa and Europe to work and I’ve never felt any kind of prejudice, but I know sad stories about Brazilians who work in Europe or the USA.

- You have also lived in Europe for some time. When and where did you live? What did you do there?
Renato -
I lived in London and Paris, from 1997 to 2000 and after that I spent a period of 8 months in the countryside of England in 2006. It was fantastic; I guess my life is divided in “before” and “after” this experience, because I learned many things about the world and about my feelings for Brazil, for example. Just when you are away you value some things you have here. In my first trip I went there to study English and I took my first course on Photography, and in my last one I traveled to develop a personal project about the lives of Brazilians who live abroad, I want to turn it into a photography book soon. Some images are in my site:

- What were your favorite places in some of the cities you visited? And what places do you still dream of visiting?
Renato -
It’s impossible to choose only one. I’ll list 5 ok? Paris, Prague, Istanbul, Varanasi and Kathmandu. I really want to know Tibet, Lebanon and Israel, as contradictory as it may seem.