sábado, 7 de fevereiro de 2009

Idioms about animals

Fill in the blanks with the expressions in bold:

dog-eat-dog: describes a situation in which people will do anything to be successful, even if what they do harm other people
(to rain) cats and dogs: to rain a lot
let the cat out of your bag: to tell a secret
don’t look a gift horse in the mouth: don’t refuse something good that is offered
(to hear) from the horse’s mouth: to hear something from the person who has direct personal knowledge of the matter
cash-cow: a product or a business unit that generates unusually high profit
early-bird: a person who always gets up early
cock-and-bull story: a story which is obviously not true, especially one give as a excuse.

1 - Wow! It's raining _____________________today! I wish I'd brought my umbrella to school!
2 - I never learned how to use a computer, so I lost my job to a new employee. It's a _____________ world.
3 - Be happy. Don't look ___________________in the mouth.
4 - Bob didn't tell anyone that he was sick, but his wife let _________________.
5 - With strong sales every year and a great brand name, the car Mercedes is a ______________for the company.
6 – Did Jill tell you herself she was getting married?
That's right. I got it straight from ___________________!
7 – He gave me some _____________________ about having to be at his cousin’s engagement party.
8 – He wakes at 6 am even on Sundays! He’s really an ____________________.