segunda-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2009

Business vocabulary

Fill in the blanks with the words below. Anyone who wants the answer key, just write to me:

bankrupt, cash flow, bid, trade barrier, asset, alliance, brand leader, dismissal, market leader, mailshot, counterfeit, dumping,market challenger, perk, takeover, niche market, turnover, resign

1 - An agreement between two or more companies to work together ________________
2 – Something belonging to an individual or a business that has value ________________
3 – Not having enough money to pay your debts ________________
4 – Something that makes trade between two countries more difficult or expensive ________________
5 – An offer to buy something or the price offered ________________
6 – The brand with the most sales in a particular market ________________
7 – The amounts of money coming into and going out of a company ________________
8 – To copy something so that it looks like something else, usually illegally ________________
9 – When someone is removed from their job by their employer ________________
10 – The activity of selling products in an export market cheaper than in home market, or cheaper than the cost to make it, usually in order to increase market share ________________
11 – When information or advertising material is sent through mail to a large number of people ______
12 – An organization or product that has the highest sales or one of the highest sales in its market or industry ________________
13 – An organization or product that may take the place of the organization or product that has the highest sales in its market or industry ________________
14 – A market for a product or service, perhaps an expensive or unusual one that does not have many buyers but that may be profitable for companies who sell it ________________
15 – Something in addition t money that you get for doing your job, for example a car _____________
16 – The act of getting control of a company by buying more than half of its shares _______________
17 – The amount of business done in a particular period, measured by the amount of money obtained from customers for goods or services that have been sold ________________
18 – To officially leave a job, usually through your own choice ________________