sábado, 14 de fevereiro de 2009

Interview - Living a fairytale in Ireland

Have you ever imagined moving to a foreign country to study and end up getting married there? Well, its sounds like a fairytale, but it did happen to Edna Cardoso, who lives with her husband in Ireland. Check it out.

- When did you go to Dublin and where did you start living?
Edna - I came to Dublin in April 2005. First, I lived with a host family, nowadays I live in my house with my husband.

- Why did you go to Ireland?
Edna: I came to study English, and then ... things happened.

- How did you find your first job there? What do you do now?
Edna - I met a Brazilian girl on the street, who helped me to get the first job. I worked as a cleaner in a nursing home, nowadays I work as an accountant in an office.

- What difficulties did you have there at first?
Edna - The language is the most difficult thing, after finding a job and a house to live.

- What are the main differences between Dublin and São Paulo?
Edna - The main difference between Ireland and Brazil is the security, here I feel much safer, the police don't have guns, for example.

- Is there prejudice against Brazilians? What kind?
Edna - No, I never noticed, Irish people like Brazilians.

- You're married now to an European, right?
Edna - Yes, I am married now, and being married to an European in Europe lets you hold a residency visa that helps to get better jobs as a professional.

- What are your favourite places there?
Edna - My home, Cavan, Galway, Grafton Street.

- What do you miss most about Brazil?
Edna - My family.

- A message for Brazilians who want to live abroad:
Edna - It could be very expensive, so think hard before you do it. I was lucky, but it is not always like that. I know lots of Brazilians who came here, didn't get a job and had to come back after spending all the money, but if you can afford it, it is a very rich experience to study abroad. Good luck for you all!