quinta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2009

Interview - A Brazilian aupair in the States

Would you like to work and study in the USA? So, check this interview with Psychology student Carla Tiveron, who has been living for almost three years in Massachusetts. But first, try to spell the name of the state fast, without looking ;-)

Where are you living now and how long have you been there?
Carla - Right now, I'm living in Needham (Massachusetts), which is about 20 min from Boston. It's a very nice little city in the suburbs, and most of the people that live here are Jewish. I've been living here for almost three years.

How did you first go, I mean, did you go to take a course, to work, just to backpack?
Carla -
I first came as an aupair, an exchange program just for girls in which you come to live with an American family and take care of the kids that are going to live with you. We call them our host kids. I lived my first year in New York and then moved to Boston.

Are you just studying now or working too?
Carla -
I study and work. I work as a nanny, taking care of two wonderful girls, and I go to College as well. I go to MassBay and I'm taking Psychology classes. I totally love it. It's really interesting.

What difficulties did you have there at first?
Carla -
My first three moonths in this country were awful. I thought about going back home every single day because I had a hard time on making new friends and all the girls that came with me as aupairs were from Europe, and I felt that people from Europe don't like Latin Americans very much. Maybe they were a little prejudicious because they were young, and they were not in their home countries, but there was no way for them be friends with me. Fortunutely after a few months, I met my first two friends in this country (Mario and Thais) and we remain friends until now. They are like my siblings, I love them to death. One of the best things of living abroad is being able to find incredible people, true friends.

What are the main differences between there and Brazil?
Carla -
Good points: security, technology, shopping is much cheaper, the highways are reaaaalllyyyy good, the traffic I think I don't even have to mention that here is much better, it's really cheap to travel from here.
Bad points: here we cannot find all the variety of food we do in Brazil, especially fruit, people here don't know how to party (the nightclubs close at 2am), the weather in Brazil is much better. Here is too cold. There is not much prejudice against us here. 2% of the population in Massachusetts is Brazilian, can you believe it? So, we rule here!!!

You are in college there. How does it work for foreigners? What kind of visa is needed, how long does it last etc?
Carla -
I have a student visa that is valid for 4 years, and if that is not enough, you can renew it. The only bad thing about being in the student visa program is that we have to pay double the price that residents pay.

What are your favorite places there?
Carla -
The most wonderful places that I've been here were Montana and I just got back from Grand Canyon and that place is TRULY INCREDIBLE! I'm speechless about it.

What do you miss most about Brazil?
Carla -
My family, my dog, rodízio, pizza and Bohemia :-)

A message for Brazilians who want to live abroad:
Carla - Go for it. It's an unique experience that you mostly will just take good memories and experiences from it. You'll learn how to be a better person and how to be much more tolerant with you and the others. And you also live a totally diffetent way of life that you are used to, which is also amazing, HAVE FUN!