quarta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2009

How do you say... in English?

Adapted from e-mail sent by Dialecto English
Source: How do you say...in English, by José Roberto A. Igreja, published by Disal Editora.

Curso de reciclagem/atualização - Refresher course. Our company provides a refresher course every six months to keep us updated on new techniques and market trends.

Dia sim, dia não ... - Every other day. Brad shaves every other day.

Pegar um bronze - To get a tan. Lying by the pool and getting a tan is one of Susan´s favorite pastimes.

Fazer hora extra - To work overtime. If demand for our products keeps up, we will have to work overtime.

Cumprir um prazo - To meet a deadline. You are supposed to hand in your report by Friday. Are you sure you can meet the deadline?

Ficar em cima do muro - To sit on the fence. You´ll have to take sides. You can´t just sit on the fence anymore!

Terceirização - Outsourcing. Outsourcing of non-core activities is a usual practice among many companies nowadays.
Para dizer "terceirizar", use o verbo to outsource: Many companies prefer to concentrate on their core business and outsource other departments.

De uma vez por todas - Once and for all. I think it’s about time we cleared up this misunderstanding once and for all!