segunda-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2009

Idioms about colors

Fill in the blanks with one of the colors below. Some words might be repeated.

black, blue, brown, green, grey, red, white, yellow
1 – In most countries, goods that are scarce are usually freely available on the _________ market – provided you have the money to pay for them.
2 – You can argue with her until you´re _________ in the face, but once she´s made up her mind she won´t listen to you.
3 – After several weeks of discussions, the group was given the _________ light and could finally go ahead with the new project.
4 – There´s no point in asking my boss for a day off next week. I´m in her _________ books at the moment, so she´ll probably say no.
5 – Although we got a lot of nice wedding presents, we also got one or two_________ elephants.
6 – There´s a common prejudice that girls who are very beautiful must automatically be lacking in _________matter, so-called “dumb blondes”.
7 – After sunbathing for two hours every day, Joanna was as _________ as a berry.
8 – She went as _________ as a sheet when she heard about the accident.
9 – I´m sorry, James, but I refuse to believe it unless you can show it to me in _________ and _________.
10 – Ever since Tom got that huge order with Saudi Arabia he´s been the boss´s _________-eyed boy.
11 – Don´t mention the present government in front of my father; it´s like a _________ rag to a bull.
12 – I was _________ with envy when my neighbor drove up in a brand-new Jaguar.
13 – For some reason, Swedish films are often synonymous of _________ films, which is very strange as there is relatively little pornography in Sweden.
14 – Sometimes it´s better to tell a _________ lie than to hurt someone´s feelings.