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50 Best Blogs for Special Ed Teachers

Sent by: Kaitlyn cole
Source: http://www.onlineuniversities.com/blog/2012/08/50-best-blogs-special-ed-teachers-updated/

While being a teacher is never easy, working with students in special education comes with some unique challenges. From writing lengthy IEPs to working closely with parents and other teachers, it takes a calm, collected, organized, confident, and very special person to work with students who often need a great deal more support and assistance than their peers to succeed. Yet even the best special education teachers can use a little guidance, inspiration, and information to help them to be even better at what they do. That’s just what the 50 blogs we’ve collected here can do. Read through this updated list (a revision of this list to reflect new blogs and to remove old, no-longer-updated sites) to find resources that will help you teach, learn, and grow right alongside your students.
Special Education Teaching Tips and Strategies
These blogs are written by teachers and educational professionals who share their ideas, tips, tools, and advice for working with special education students.
  1. Reality 101:
    The Council for Exceptional Children maintains this blog along with the help of several special education teachers who share their experiences and advice.
  2. About.com Special Education:
    Blogger and teacher Jerry Webster shares the basics of special education here, as well as some helpful insights from his own experiences in the classroom.
  3. About.com Learning Disabilities:
    Through this blog you can learn more about a variety of learning disabilities and how you can help children with them excel.
  4. Teachers at Risk:
    Teacher Elona Hartjes shares her insights, resources, and practical classroom advice here, an invaluable resource for any special education teacher.
  5. Successful Teaching:
    This blog isn’t focused on special education, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great place for special ed teachers to find advice on all things education-related.
  6. Special 2 Me:
    Check out this blog from a highly dedicated special education teacher (and for the present general education teacher) who is teaching in a high-crime, low-income school in L.A.
  7. Special Education Strategies and More:
    Teachers and parents of children with special needs can find some helpful strategies for helping them grow academically, emotionally, and socially on this blog.
  8. Teacher Sol:
    Exceptional Needs Specialist Maria Angala shares what’s going on in her class as well as updates on her battle to improve special education here.
  9. Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties:
    Teachers and staff working with high schoolers in special education can find useful lessons, tips, and more on this great blog.
  10. Life in Special Education:
    Head to this blog to see what special education teacher Karla Banks is doing in her elementary school classroom.
  11. Special Education Advisor:
    Find help with your IEPs and special education classroom through the help of this blog for K-12 educators.
  12. Ms. Rachel’s Room:
    On this blog you’ll get a front row seat to a special ed classroom headed by Ms. Rachel. Read through her posts for ideas you can use in your own classroom.
  13. ESU 4 Special Education:
    From staff development to lessons, this blog offers numerous resources to help teachers and administrators working with special education students.
  14. Special Education and Learning Differences:
    PCI Education offers tips and ideas for helping students with special needs excel in school and beyond.
  15. The Cooke Special Education Blog:
    The faculty at the Cooke Center share their advice for improving the educational experience of special needs children.
Technology and Assistive Technology
Technology is a big part of just about every classroom these days, including special ed. Read through these blogs to learn how tech can help your students excel.
  1. Assistive Technology:
    Head to this blog to learn more about some of the best assistive technologies out there today or in the works for tomorrow.
  2. Teaching All Students:
    Get tips and tools for using technological tools in the special education classroom from this excellent blog. Don’t forget to check out the list of great apps, too!
  3. Free Resources from the Net for Every Learner:
    The web is full of great educational resources. Use this blog to more easily find them, especially those which cater to the needs of students with learning disabilities.
  4. The Assistive Technology Blog:
    The Virginia Department of Education’s Training and Technical Assistance Center shares expertise on the latest classroom-ready technologies for special students here.
  5. Apace of Change:
    Damian Bariexca shares his lessons from the special education classroom, his educational experience, and openness to using technology on this education blog.
  6. All Together We Can:
    Samuel Sennott authors this blog, focused on assistive technology, which he helps to develop and implement.
Special Topics
These blogs focus on select disabilities, special ed issues, and other specific topics.
  1. Barto’s World:
    Learn more about learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD, as well as ways that teachers can help students who have them on this blog from blogger Barto.
  2. Eide Neurolearning Blog:
    This blog focuses on highlighting news and articles related to brain-based learning and learning disorders.
  3. 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter:
    Here you’ll find the newsletter, in blog form, from 2e, with information on the latest research being done into disabilities like ADHD, dyslexia, Asperger’s, and more.
  4. EBD Blog:
    Read up on the latest news, commentary, and resources related to emotional and behavioral disorders here.
  5. Special Needs Resource Magazine:
    Teachers can find a wealth of information to help them assist children with special needs through this great online magazine.
  6. Bilingual Special Ed:
    Are your special education students struggling not only with a disability but also learning another language? Get advice and information here.
  7. I Speak of Dreams:
    Read through this blog for great information and commentary on a wide range of learning disability issues.
  8. The Shut-Down Learner:
    For many students with learning disabilities, school isn’t always a fun place. This blog offers ideas for both parents and teachers to help make learning more fun for these students.
  9. ADDitude Blogs:
    Read blogs written by those struggling with ADHD, teachers, and parents on this great site focused on the condition.
  10. Dyslexia My Life:
    Girard Sagmiller has struggled with dyslexia for decades and today offers advice for teachers and those with the condition on his blog.
Special Education News and Policy
Keep up with the latest news and public policy developments related to special education when you read these blogs.
  1. On Special Education:
    Education Week shares the latest on special education topics through this blog.
  2. SpeEdChange:
    Ira David Socol wants to help improve education for all. Follow his blog to read news and commentary related to special education policy and classroom activities.
  3. Special Education Today:
    This blog makes it simple to keep up with special education news, bringing together the biggest headlines into one place.
  4. Making Special Education Actually Work:
    KPS 4 Parents publishes this blog, focused on improving access and availability of special education programs to all students who need them.
  5. Special Education and Disability Rights Blog:
    Do you know what rights your students have under the law? Read this blog to learn more about the education advocacy issues related to special education and how you can help.
Special Education Law
These blogs will teach you about the legal side of special education.
  1. Special Education Law Blog:
    Attorney Jim Gerl attempts to explain the intricacies of special education law in plain English on this blog.
  2. The Wrightslaw Way:
    Learn how you can stand up for your special education students from this special education advocacy and law blog.
  3. Special Ed Justice:
    This blog is an excellent place to keep up with the latest special education law news.
  4. Special Education Law Blog:
    Here you’ll find discussions of case law, news, advocacy, policies, and more related to special education.
  5. Developments in Special Education Law:
    The Law Offices of H. Jeffrey Marcus share the latest news and a bit of commentary on it as well, on this site.
  6. The Law Office of Lillian E. Wong:
    Special education attorney Lillian Wong shares her advice for parents and teachers on getting students the education they deserve.
Various Topics on Special Education
These blogs cover a range of special education issues, all of which can help you become a better educator.
  1. Education on the Plate:
    Get commentary on the latest special education topics, as well as a hefty dose of advocacy from this blog.
  2. Notes from the School Psychologist:
    School psychologist Rebecca Branstetter works with students who just don’t like school, a reality for many who suffer from a learning disability.
  3. Behavior Modification:
    Learn how to get and keep your classroom under control with a little help from the guidance offered on this blog.
  4. Children with Special Needs:
    Head to this About.com blog to learn more about the issues that affect students who have special needs.
  5. Diane Ravitch’s Blog:
    Education historian Diane Ravitch discusses education, both in the past and in the future, through this blog.
  6. My Special Needs Network Blogs:
    Hear from parents and teachers working with special needs children via a number of great blogs on this site.
  7. ABC Therapeutics:
    This occupational therapy company maintains a great blog, full of ways to help children with autism, sensory issues, or even those who’ve been the victims of bullying.
  8. Smart Kids Learning Disabilities:
    Head to this site to read some excellent articles on everything from helping kids with learning disabilities read to managing technology in the classroom.

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10 TED Talks That Will Change the Way You Communicate

Sent by: Emma Taylor
Source: http://www.accreditedonlinecolleges.com/blog/2012/10-ted-talks-that-will-change-the-way-you-communicate/

By: Alvina Lopez
Even the most eloquent of public and private speakers could always stand to tweak their communication skills just a little bit. After all, the ability to convey feelings and facts stands as essential to keeping the human species rolling along. Both the Internet and bookshelves sport advice a-go-go on how to get points across as clearly as possible, and the venerable open source lecture series TED does not disappoint in this regard. Its best offerings regarding human connectivity encourage essentials not always discussed in manuals and textbooks, so give them some consideration and use them to launch more exploration into how to grow into an effective, evocative communicator.
  1. Elizabeth Lesser: Take "the Other" to lunch:

    If communications with people on opposite sides of political, cultural, religious and other common divides so often proves extremely problematic, try Elizabeth Lesser’s simple-but-effective approach. Rather than arguing, go out for a nice lunch and analyze similarities and gently debate departures to nurture a greater understanding.
  2. Julia Bacha: Pay attention to nonviolence:

    Global and personal perspectives alike can benefit from sharpening those reframing skills, as this provocative TED Talk on international relations attests. Julia Bacha encourages listeners to look at stories from multiple angles, using peaceful Palestinian protests that never make the evening news as an example of how things aren’t always as they appear.
  3. Nancy Duarte: The secret structure of great talks:

    Presentation expert Nancy Duarte, CEO of Duarte Design, analyzed hundreds of the world’s most powerful and potent speeches and noted that they tend to sport eerily similar structures. For anyone who hopes to communicate major ideas in a persuasive manner — either to a crowd or to whomever happens to be within shouting distance of the La-Z-Boy — such an observation might prove a particularly valuable advice nugget.
  4. Laura Trice suggests we all say thank you:

    In an age of cynicism, self-centeredness, and evasiveness, sincerity, humility, and straightforwardness resonate well with most folks. Simply saying thanks, espouses Laura Trice, makes for a great start in building and repairing a frequently broken communication world.
  5. JD Schramm: Break the silence for suicide attempt survivors:

    Taboos and silence often preclude healthy communication skills, as evidenced by this compassionate clarion call by entrepreneur JD Schramm. He asks that society look upon suicide survivors with empathy rather than scorn, offering up an excellent example about practicing love to open up and encourage discussion; it might very well prove life-saving in some instances.
  6. Viktor Frankl: Why to believe in others:

    Viktor Frankl, the globally-renowned psychologist and philosopher, expresses the core tenets of humanistic psychology and the quest for meaning in a manner lay folks can certainly apply to their daily communications. Show a little faith, a little love, a little understanding, and a little belief, and answers about the nature of humanity may start bubbling up.
  7. Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids:

    One way to alter communication for the better involves personal openness to picking up some lessons or two in unexpected places — yes, even demographics whose input so often winds up marginalized. TED invited then 12-year-old author and blogger Adora Svitak to provide such an example by asking adults to start learning about their own creativity and freedom from the kids around them.
  8. Dave Meslin: The antidote to apathy:

    As Dave Meslin points out, sometimes people genuinely do want to reach out to others or get involved with their communities; they just don’t always know how to overcome some of the common cognitive and social constraints in their way. Seven of the usual obstacles receive analysis here, so anyone hoping to bolster their abilities to connect and communicate should click the little link and hopefully receive a valuable push.
  9. Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone?:

    Social media and digital devices no doubt altered the ways in which citizens communicate with one another and process the world around them, but some downsides definitely come with the package. Most of the more noticed works of MIT’s Sherry Turkle revolve around the results of humanity’s burgeoning cyborg nature, and she notes that heightened connectivity might actually breed isolation more than sociability.
  10. Joan Halifax: Compassion and the true meaning of empathy:

    Joan Halifax’s Buddhism and extensive work providing care and comfort to dying individuals in various institutions offers her an intense glimpse at how small, compassionate gestures bring almost supernova levels of light to one person’s world. Truly great communicators should also be truly empathic or sympathetic individuals at their core, so make an honest effort to watch, listen, and learn to what the roshi says.

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100 Best Blogs for Journalism Students

With newspapers going under all over the nation, journalism is becoming an increasingly hard field in which to start a career as the number of opportunities in traditional media are rapidly dwindling. Journalism students shouldn't despair just yet, however, as the web and other digital outlets are offering a host of new opportunities that may help fill the gaps left by the loss of many local papers and print magazines. Yet while new opportunities may be on the horizon for web-savvy journalists, that doesn't mean that journalism has become any less competitive and to make it into a solid job, students will need to know more than just how to write well.
One way to get a leg up is by studying the trends, technologies, and intricacies of the modern world of journalism, a goal which is most easily accomplished by becoming an avid reader of journalism blogs. We've collected a few here that we think are essential reads for journalism students, an update on our original list from 2009, which includes some new names and faces as well as some perennial favorites that we think journalism students shouldn't miss out on following.


Read up on journalism basics through the insights offered on these blogs.
  1. Poynter.:
    This organization's blog is home to great news on all things journalism and media.
  2. Common Sense Journalism:
    Doug Fisher, broadcaster and newspaper reporter, shares his thoughts on new media and traditional media alike on this site.
  3. Data Journalism Blog:
    Educate yourself on data-driven journalism when you check out this regularly updated, infographic-heavy blog.
  4. About.com Journalism:
    This blog is a great place to learn about everything from AP style to finding a job after graduation.
  5. journajunkie:
    Here, readers can find articles on a wide scope of journalism-related topics.
  6. Journalistics:
    This journalism blog focuses on social media, PR, media relations, and other modern issues in the profession.
  7. Covering Health:
    Health care is a big issue these days and this blog from the Association of Health Care Journalists offers tips and insights into covering it.
  8. MediaBistro:
    Read news about media issues, find tips, and even get job leads from this great blog.
  9. The Evolving Newsroom:
    Julie Starr shares her thoughts on the news business and newsrooms around the U.S. on this blog.


Read news about the news, or at least the people who report it, through these excellent blogs.
  1. Journalism.org:
    Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism shares data, analysis, news, and reports through this must-read blog.
  2. Editor & Publisher:
    Keep up with all the latest news about newspapers and digital publications around the world by following this blog.
  3. sans serif:
    Don't limit your reading to only American topics. On this blog, you'll learn about journalism in India, from who's who to what's working for papers.
  4. newsguild.org:
    Newspaper Guild and Communications Workers of America can find relevant news stories of interest through this blog.
  5. Media Guardian:
    Read up on media from across the pond in this Guardian-penned blog filled with the latest news.
  6. Adweek:
    This blog makes it simple to keep up with news in the press, television, technology, and advertising.
  7. Newspaper Death Watch:
    Sadly, newspapers are slowly dying out all over the U.S. Learn more about which ones have fallen on this somewhat macabre blog.
  8. Topix Journalism News:
    This aggregate blog brings together journalism stories from thousands of different sites.
  9. I Want Media:
    Read up on all the latest media news, from papers to movies, on this simple media-focused blog.
  10. Newspaper and Online News:
    The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication maintains this blog, full of information not only about the organization but journalism as a whole.
  11. Alltop Journalism News:
    This blog aggregates journalism news from all over the web, bringing it together in one accessible place.


Hear from students, professors, and experts on journalism on this diverse collection of blogs.
  1. Bob Stepno's Other Journalism:
    Professor Bob Stepno shares his thoughts with former Radford University students, colleagues, and the public on this blog.
  2. Jay Rosen's Press Think:
    Jay Rosen, a journalism professor at NYU, offers up commentary on all things journalism (especially its struggle to survive in our digital world) on this site.
  3. Columbia Journalism Review:
    Head to this blog for a look at the world of journalism from all sides, courtesy of the students, professors, and professionals at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.
  4. Teaching Online Journalism:
    The web plays a key role in journalism these days, something you can learn more about from Professor Mindy McAdams via this blog.
  5. Nieman Journalism Lab:
    The Nieman Foundation at Harvard maintains this blog, full of journalism ideas, media updates, and more.
  6. Campfire Journalism:
    Professor Mark Berkey-Gerard teaches online and multimedia journalism courses at Rowan University, but even those not enrolled in his classes can take advantage of his expertise through this blog.
  7. andydickinson.net:
    Here you'll find professor Andy Dickinson, an expert in digital and online journalism, talking about all kinds of digital media.
  8. JACC Blog:
    Read through this blog to learn about the present and future of journalism education at American community colleges.
  9. Innovation in College Media:
    This organization's blog discusses some of the most pressing issues in college media, from content to design and everything in between.
  10. The Online Journalism Review:
    The Knight Digital Media Center, USC, and UC Berkeley all contribute to make this blog an informative place for any students or journalists looking to learn more about digital journalism.
  11. Jschool Student Blog:
    Students in journalism school in Australia team up to write great posts on life as students on this blog.
  12. CommPilings:
    The Annenberg School for Communication's library shares resources, news, and alerts here.
  13. KDMC Blog:
    This site is the official blog of the Knight Digital Media Center, a great place for students to learn more about working with new media in journalism.
  14. University of Vermont Journalism Blog:
    Highlighting students and faculty, this university blog can give you a peek into life as a journalism student.
  15. BuzzMachine:
    Jeff Jarvis, an associate professor of journalism at CUNY, shares posts on everything from journalism education to new media and technology.
  16. Charlie Beckett:
    Charlie Beckett blogs for the London School of Economics and Political Science, touching on the intersection of journalism and society.

New Media

It's hard to ignore the dominance of the web and other forms of new media in reporting today, so don't. Instead, learn more about how to leverage these technologies to get your writing and reporting out there.
  1. Journalism 2.0:
    Mark Briggs writes and edits this blog that addresses the future of journalism and the growing number of entrepreneurial endeavors that are bringing it into the digital age.
  2. Contentious.com:
    Amy Graham shares her thoughts on communication in the digital age on this blog.
  3. Mashable:
    While not journalism-focused, this blog is still a must-read for anyone who wants to be at the cutting edge of social media and digital technology.
  4. Online Journalism Blog:
    Author of The Online Journalism Handbook Paul Bradshaw, along with the help of several other contributors, writes this blog on the new and sometimes confusing world of online journalism.
  5. MediaShift:
    This PBS blog offers news and commentary on the digital media revolution.
  6. Richochet:
    Chrys Wu has a passion for both writing and all things techie, which she blends into great informative articles on online journalism here.
  7. paidContent:
    Digital content is often where the money's at these days for journalists who want to make a living. Learn more about this issue on this site, featuring a wide range of internet-focused articles.
  8. Publishing 2.0:
    Are you evolving with publishing? This blog will help you keep up with the rapidly changing world of new media in journalism.
  9. Reportr.net:
    Alfred Hermida comments on media, technology, and the impact of both on society (and vice versa) through this blog.
  10. Journerdism:
    Will Sullivan acts as your guide to mobile news and emerging tech ideas on this blog.
  11. Peter Kafka:
    Here, Peter Kafka shares insights into the latest digital technologies that will undoubtedly influence the future of journalism and media.
  12. 10,000 Words:
    Billed as the place where journalism and technology meet, this blog lives up to that, offering news on the latest web projects from media outlets around the nation.
  13. Media Lab:
    MediaShift and the Knight Foundation collaborate to write this blog on reporting, writing, and newspaper publishing in the digital age.
  14. Advancing the Story:
    Learn how the digital age is impacting broadcast journalism when you read this blog.
  15. CyberJournalist.net:
    Follow the latest and greatest news on how journalists are using the web and new technology to share information.
  16. @PatrickThornton:
    Technologist and journalist Patrick Thornton shares his thoughts on the future of journalism here.
  17. Interactive Narratives:
    This fascinating blog shows just what can be done to enhance a story when digital media are used.
  18. MediaFile:
    This Reuters blog reports on all things media, with a special focus on digital media.
  19. The Richard Jones Journalism Blog:
    Digital journalism is the focus on this journalist's blog, with loads of updates and examples from around the world.
  20. Below the Fold:
    Digital communications strategist Gary Goldhammer is a great resource for learning about media in the digital age.


Who better to learn about journalism from than those who do it for a living? These blogs are all written by professionals in the field, offering insights into what they do, feel, and think on a daily basis.
  1. Howard Owens:
    Howard Owens has been in the news business for a long time, and in the digital media business longer than most. Check out this blog to learn more his experiences, politics, and other topics.
  2. Ryan Sholin:
    Explore the future of news with former journalist and current product manager Ryan Sholin.
  3. Abbey Anne's Blog:
    Fresh out of college, this young journalist shares her travels, experiences, and more though her (somewhat hard to read) blog.
  4. DigiDave:
    David Cohn has written for a number of leading publications, but some of his most passionate pieces are found right here, focusing on the intersection between media and technology.
  5. Kelly Roche:
    Videographer and journalist Kelly Roche shares a wealth of local news on her blog.
  6. SteveOuting.com:
    This journalist shares his thoughts on the future of news and media, as well as other topics, on this site.
  7. One Man and His Blog:
    Adam Tinworth writes about the intersection of journalism, publishing, social media, and technology.
  8. Steve Yelvington:
    Newspaper journalist and media expert Steve Yelvington shares his thoughts on building better online media for news.
  9. The Linchpen:
    Greg Linch blogs about journalism, technology, and education on this site.
  10. Martin Stabe:
    Get a UK-centric look at the world of new media and online journalism from Martin Stabe, a London-based journalist.
  11. MatthewIngram.com:
    Learn more about media, technology, business, and the web from senior GigaOm wrier Mathew Ingram.
  12. Sean Blanda:
    Sean Blanda, one of the three co-founders of Technically Media, focuses on digital media, journalism, technology, and other hot topics on this personal blog.
  13. Death Reporting:
    Reporter and editor Mark Scahver writes about journalism, research, technology, and other relevant topics here.


Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Learn more about what goes into creating some of journalism's most iconic images.
  1. Robb Montgomery:
    International journalist Robb Montgomery shares his expertise on photography, editing, and digital technology on this blog.
  2. Multimedia Shooter:
    This blog offers instruction on shooting photos and video that tell a story, as well as reporting on some great job openings.
  3. VideoJournalism:
    Think about a story visually with a bit of help from this video journalism blog.
  4. SnappedShot:
    Every day you can glimpse an amazing news image on this photo blog.
  5. Maysun Photographer:
    Spanish-Portuguese freelance photographer Maysun shares images, essays, and more that can help you learn more about the profession.
  6. Lens Culture Weblog:
    Explore the impact of visual images through this blog, sharing amazing stories and updates on photojournalists from around the world.
  7. Mastering Multimedia:
    Multimedia producer Colin Mulvany blogs about photography, videography, and more on this site.


Keep in touch with leading media groups and organizations through these blogs.
  1. The Society of Professional Journalists Blog Network:
    Head to this site to read blogs from a range of professional journalists and writers.
  2. Freepress:
    This organization is dedicated to reforming media and ensuring democracy in the U.S.
  3. OPA Blog:
    The Online Publishers Association blog is a great place to read more about digital journalism.
  4. Editors Weblog:
    The World Editors Forum maintains this blog, full of interesting news stories on journalism, digital media, and more.
  5. Reporters Committee:
    Supporting freedom of the press, this organization reports on major cases around the nation where that freedom has been challenged.

Politics and Criticism

These blogs take a hard look at journalism and the way it interacts with politics.
  1. Adrian Monck:
    Blogger and broadcast journalist Adrian Monck works at the World Economic Forum these days, and uses his blog to highlight major problems he sees both with media and in world economics.
  2. Reflections of a Newsosaur:
    Veteran media executive Alan Mutter shares his perspective on where news-gathering companies are headed on this blog.
  3. Jon Slattery:
    U.K.-based freelance journalist Jon Slattery uses his blog as a platform for sharing media criticism from a British perspective.
  4. Save the Media:
    Journalist Gina Chen shares ideas and commentary on the dying news industry.
  5. PR Watch:
    The Center for Media and Democracy shares updates on the media in politics and controversial issues here.
  6. On the Media:
    Readers will find a wealth of commentary on all forms of media on this blog.
  7. Breitbart Big Journalism:
    One of several blogs on this site, this blog touches on political topics in journalism.
  8. Rhetorica:
    On Rhetorica, readers will find thoughtful commentary on the intersection between politics and journalism.
  9. County Fair:
    This Media Matters for America blog reports news and media criticism for readers.
  10. Neiman Watchdog Blog:
    This blog encourages reporters to ask questions and get straight answers on the tough issues.

Investigative Journalism

These blogs show the importance and difficulty that comes along with investigative journalism.
  1. Center for Investigative Reporting:
    This blog shares investigative reporting stories from around the world, which makes for some pretty inspiring reading.
  2. AnalyticJournalism.com:
    Learn tips and tools for getting your story straight (and coming up with a good story to start with) on this crime-focused blog.
  3. The Scoop:
    Get the scoop on investigative and computer-assisted reporting from Derek Willis here.


Need a few laughs? These blogs offer it up.
  1. Overheard in the Newsroom:
    This blog catalogs some of the ridiculous and funny things that are said in newsrooms.
  2. Stuff Journalists Like:
    Entertaining and interesting, this blog pokes fun at and highlights stuff that journalists will undoubtedly agree is pretty cool.

Citizen Journalism

You don't need a journalism degree to report the news these days. Learn more about citizen journalists from these blogs.
  1. The Editorialiste:
    Blogger Andrew Nusca shares his thoughts on the citizen journalist phenomenon here.
  2. Independent Media Center:
    Learn more about independent media outlets and the news they report on this blog.
  3. The NewsMeBack Blog:
    This citizen journalism blog shares great books, interviews, articles, and more.
  4. The Citizen Journalist's Coach:
    Susan Carson Cormier is a founder of the National Association of Citizen Journalists and a coach, offering advice and guidance for anyone interested in citizen journalism.