quinta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2009

Expressions - parts of the body

Choose the correct part of the body to fill in the blanks

Heart, mouth, tooth, leg, blood, finger, hand, chest

1 – Being retired, he suddenly found himself with lots if time on his __________ but with little to do to occupy it.
2 – She had a sweet _______ and couldn´t resist buying chocolates.
3 – I think I´ll go and stretch my __________. I´ve been sitting down all morning.
4 – There´s something wrong somewhere. I can´t put my __________ on what it is exactly, but something just doesn´t feel right.
5 – The cruel way some owners treat their pets makes my __________ boil.
6 – Getting a problem off your ________ is the first stage to being able to solve it.
7 – You´d better be careful what you say to Samantha. She is very sensitive and takes everything to __________.
8 – Stop putting words into my __________! I never said that.