domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2009


A few days ago I found out an old notebook, from my teenage days, when I used to write texts and even poems, some of them in English. Even though they are not masterpieces, I decided to post a few ones here. I've corrected the mistakes, as I was beginning my studies when I wrote them, but the text is the same. Interesting to remember how I wrote and what I felt 12, 15 years ago. (And I guess I was much more pessimist)

Here's the first one, written when I was only 16 (sweet sixteen?) and was studying in Basic 2!

Hope still survives

I looked for peace
and I found war.
I looked for joy
and I found sadness.
I looked for friends
and I didn't find them.
I looked for life
and I just found death.
I was almost giving up
when I found you,
who showed me the beauty of life
hidden among the devastation:
a bird flying in the sky,
a child playing in the street,
an old man feeding the pigeon in the square,
a flower growing among in the garden.
Life, finally, came back to normal.
But, until when?