terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2009

Poems V

From 1997

The road of destiny

There's a long road in front of me
The way is narrow and the air is dark
I need courage to start walking because
I know this way will lead me to my destiny
And I have to reach the end.
But, it's so hard to start...
Looking behind I can see flowers and a clear sky
In spite of this I can't go on as I'm going
I have to proceed, I have to go ahead.
I always used to have help from people
I know I can count on them.
However, I have to learn how to walk alone.
Difficulties will come, and I'll be ready for them
Problems, I'll have many, but I'll solve them all
I'll find many stones in this way
And I'll overcome everything.
The highest mountains won't be a wall for me
The deepest holes I'll jump over them
The largest rivers will be a drop of water
Because I believe in me,
I know I can win,
And I will.