terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2009

Poems VII

The last one, again from 98.

Simple words, deep feelings

Would you understand
if I said "I love you"?
Would these simple words
mean how much I care about you?
Would you realize
how deep my love is
if I just said "I love you"?

Some feelings can't be explained through words
it doesn't matter how beautiful they are
Even if I used all the words that I know
it wouldn't be enough to show
what I feel here in my soul

Through words you can't see
all the pain that I'm feeling
and you also don't imagine
for your touch how much I'm willing
For you I spend my nights
just dreaming, without sleeping
And I just can't hear your voice
without feeling my body trembling

But, would you like to know all this?
Does it make any difference?
Or even though now that you see
all the love I have for you
don't you still wanna be with me?