domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2009

Poems II

Another example, from 1997, when I was in High-intermediate level. This poem was quite interesting because I decided to write a love poem without using the typical words Love, Life, Death, Heart and Forever

Words are useless, sometimes

How can I express my feelings
without so useful words?
Is it possible to show you
what I'm feeling inside
without describing it in words?
I'm sure you'll understand
Feelings are to be felt, not heard
Words can go with the wind,
Promisses can be broken,
Letters can be burnt,
Pictures can be torn,
But feelings... They will last
They can be hidden for some moments, even years,
but one day they will arise
And on this day, you'll have no choice
unless follow your hea... (ops, I almost wrote it)
Useless words?
In a poem, may be,
but in our existence
they are the only things that matter.