terça-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2009

Inglês com filmes - Exemplo II - Finding Nemo

A cena 3 do filme Procurando Nemo pode ser usada para uma discussão sobre "School Memories". Confira a atividade proposta e, se desejar o answer key, é só me pedir!

Answer the questions while you watch the scene:

1 - Why is Nemo so excited?

2 – Is his father as excited as he is? Why (not)?

3 – What advice does Marlin give Nemo?

4 – What is Nemo’s problem?

Now, discuss these questions with a partner:

- Do you remember your first day at school? How was that?
- What about in high school or University? How different was that?
- Which did you enjoy the most: elementary school, high school or college? Why?
- What are your best memories from school?