terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2009

Analysing texts

These sentences can be useful for analysing texts. You only need to substitute the words in bold.
Source: http://www.englisch-hilfen.de/en/words/geschichten.htm

The text

The story is about two teenagers.
The action takes place in London.
The text is divided into 5 parts.

The characters
The main characters are Peter and Mary.
I think Peter is brave because he rescues Mary.
In line 27 he says ...
In my opinion Mandy shouldn't have gone out alone.
The characters in the story change.
At first Peter is helpless. Later he becomes brave.

Summarizing the text
The main point is that Peter likes Mandy.
The difficult thing is that Mandy doesn't see this.
The turning point in the story is when Mandy falls off the tree.
On the one hand Mandy likes Peter, on the other hand she doesn't like his friends.
That's why ...

My opinion
I think that the story is nice.
My point of view is that ...
My first impression was ...
I liked/didn't like the story/poem/song because...
I thought / didn’t think that the story would end like that.
The ending of the story surprised / didn't surprise me.
I think that this only happens in films.
I must admit that ...
The message of the story is ...