domingo, 18 de janeiro de 2009

Autoavaliação para alunos de Inglês

Did you help yourself?

During this semester…

1 – How many hours a week did you study English, not considering the time you were in the classes?

2 – How many books did you read in English?

3 – How many magazine or newspaper articles did you read in English?

4 – How many movies did you watch with subtitles in English or without the subtitles?

5 – How many letters, emails or compositions did you write in English, not considering the ones your teacher asked?

6 – How much English did you speak outside the classroom?

7 – How many times did you try to listen to a song in English and write down the words you understood?

8 – How often did you review the grammar and vocabulary learned in the classes?

9 – How many times did you go to a library or bookstore and took a look in English books?

10 – How many times have you been absent or late to the classes?

Considering your answers, do you think you did your best or could you have done more?