sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2009

Formal x Informal Letters - Layout

Informal letters

Your address
Dear (friend or name of the person),
(Body of the message)
Best wishes / Love / Yours / Sincerely Yours

Formal letters

Your address
Name and address of the person you are writing to
Dear... Mr. / Mrs./ Miss (last name)/ Sir / Madam
(body of the message)
Yours Truly / Cordially / Faithfully / Sincerely
Your name typed

First paragraph: introduction, salutation
Main body: usually two or three parapgraphs
Last paragraph: conclusion

Useful language for all kinds of compositions

Verb tenses:
News about a recent past event: simple past / present perfect
Background information: past continuous
Future plans/arrangements: will / going to
Things happening in the present: present continuous / simple present

Lingking words: and, but, so, because, of course, then, however, after, before, when, also, on the one hand, on the other hand ...

Changing subject: by the way, anyway

Reasons for writing: I’m writing to apply for the position..., I’m writing to complain about... (formal)

Stating your opinions: In my opinion, in my point of view, to my mind, it seems to me that, I’m very much in favor of/against, as far as I’m concerned

Rejecting other’s arguments: A lot of people think / say / feel / believe that..., this may be true to a point but..., many people are in favor of / opposed to...

Concluding: Everything considered..., In conclusion..., To sum up..., All in all...