domingo, 15 de março de 2009

Feira de intercâmbio 13-17

One more opportunity to get information about interchange programs, the event "Feira de Intercâmbio 13-17" focuses on teenagers who want to attend High School or a vacation course abroad.
Promoted by CI (Central de Intercâmbio), this is a new event all around the world, which offers the visitors the chance to talk to representatives from schools in the USA, England, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, and others.
Take a look at the schedule:

São Paulo (SP) - 21/03
10h - 19h - Mercure Grand Hotel -Rua Joinville, 515 - Ibirapuera

Campo Grande (MS) - 25/03
14h30 - 19h00 - Novotel Campo Grande - Avenida Mato Grosso, 5555 Jardim Copacabana

Recife (PE) - 28/03
14h30 - 19h00 - MAR Hotel - Rua Barão de Souza Leão, 451 Boa Viagem