domingo, 8 de março de 2009

English with movies - Friends

Take a look at an exercise about conditionals based on Friends (Season 6 – disc 3 – first scene). If you want the answer key, just write to me.

The six friends are talking about how their lives could have been different. Fill in the blanks as you watch the scene.

Rachel: Can you imagine if ____________________________? How different ____________my life _________?
Ross: I’ve always wondered how my life ___________________ if ________________________.
Imagine if Carol ____________________________ a lesbian. I bet ________________________ my karate.
Monica: What if ____________________________? You ____________________________, that’s for sure.
Joey: Imagine if ____________________________off Days of Our Lives.
Chandler: What if ____________________________ the guts to quit my job? ____________________________ for the New Yorker, being paid to be funny.
Phoebe: What if ____________________________ that job at Merril Lynch?
Ross: Do you guys think if all those things____________________________ hang out?