domingo, 10 de maio de 2009

Run, Forrest, run!

I'm not Forrest Gump, but I sometimes run. Not like him, obviously, but a few kilometers (sometimes just meters...), and today I participated in the event "9ª Corrida e Caminhada GRAACC- Combatendo e Vencendo o Câncer Infantil", promoted by the company Corpore.
I believe this was my 9th race since I started in 2006 (not exactly a number to be proud of, but, anyway, it's better than nothing). I still haven't gotten THAT motivation to really start training and participating in many races, but I'm trying to include running in my list of priorities.
Waking up early (around 6am) on a Sunday to go running doesn't sound very exciting, does it? That's the first obstacle to be overcome. The second would be to set a training schedule and DO follow it. However, when you finish the race, the feeling is just great! Even if you do like me - run a bit, walk a bit, run a bit more, walk a lot more...
It's wonderful when you realize that's around 9 or 10 o´clock on a Sunday morning, you still have all day long to do whatever you want and you've already exercised, therefore you are feeling much more active than if you had just waken up (or maybe you'd still be sleeping...)
The only problem is after lunch, when laziness dominates you...