domingo, 31 de maio de 2009

Movie review - The little traitor

Do you know those movies that you don't expect anything and they turn out to be great? That's what happened with The Little Traitor, that I watched yesterday in DVD. I had never heard about this film and just got it in the video rental store because "there wasn't anything else that seemed to be good".
It was one of those movies that I saw the title, read the summary, put it back on the shelf, took another walk, didn't find anything better and decided to give it a try.
And it was a great choice! The movie tells a delicate and touching story about an impossible friendship, between a Palestinian boy and a British sargent, in 1947, months before the state of Israel was created. Two different worlds separated by politics, economic situation, traditions, but, at the same time, two worlds united by an unusual friendship. The sargent found in the boy a break from his military routine and, maybe, the son he still didn't have, and the boy found in the soldier the father who would listen to him.