terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2010

Desabafo II - I hate banks

After complaining here about CET (and not having my problem solved yet, although I have also published letters in newspapers and sent CET thousands of emails), today I need to criticize Banco do Brasil. It's the worst bank ever! It took me 2,5 hours only to close my checking account! Can you believe it? But that's not all... read how the "drama" started:

Since mid-November, I was trying to have the annual fee of my credit card cancelled, as I don't know anyone who pays it; everyone tells me we just need to say we'll cancel the card and they stop charging you. Well, I called many times to "Central de Cartões", they always said they would see what was possible to do and they never called me back. In the "nth" time, a month later, when they had already charged me two installments, they simply said they wouldn't be able to do anything and that I should talk to the manager, who also didn't do anything.

Then, on Dec 18 (Thursday), the bank simply blocked my debit and credit card, out of the blue, without any plausible reason. I hadn't lost it neither had been robbed and, obviously, I hadn't spent more than my limit. It took me 2 hours to unblock it, as everything you want to do there takes too long, and the first person who attends you (after 1,5 hour) is never able to solve your problem and needs to call someone else.

Ok, card ready to be used again... for a day. On Dec 20 (Saturday morning), I found out it was not just blocked, but "destroyed". That's what "Central de Cartões" told me when I called to complain and, obviously, they didn't know why and, even more obviously, they couldn't solve the problem. So, I needed to wait until Monday, without being able to access my own checking account, to go back to the agency and, guess what, wait for more two hours to be attended.

Once again, they weren't able to find out what had happened and just suggested that I asked for a new card. As I already wanted to close my account, I didn't do it; I'd just wait for the final debts to be paid so that I could close the account. Thing is, in the beginning of January they did send me a new card AND they charged for it plus the new annual fee!

Jan 14, 2 more hours at the agency to try to reverse this money they were charging me. I didn't even unblock the card and they wanted me to pay for it! The person who attended me promised they would solve it and destroyed the new card in front of me.

You noticed that I didn't have any credit or even debit card from BB working since Dec 20, right? So, today, Feb 9, I finally found some time to go to the bank again and close the account, as last week the lines were out on the street when I got there and I then gave up. What's my surprise? They were CHARGING ME AGAIN for debts I didn't have! They hadn't deposited back what they had already charged and they wanted me to pay the second installment of the annual fee! Ah, and they had also taken 2 hours to attend me and tell me this. The guy who attended me said I could close the account, but that I would have to pay anyway, or call again "Central de Cartões"...
I went berserk and made a scandal in the middle of the agency. Believe me, you don't want to see me really nervous. Remember the movie Um dia de fúria? It was almost that, I just didn't have the baseball bat at hand... To sum up, after this scandal, (and 2,5 hours, remember that), the manager finally solved the problem, at least it seems she did, but let's wait and see if I won't get any letter charging me again. The question is, if the manager was able to solve it now, why hadn't she done it before???