terça-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2010

Carnival in São Paulo

I love Carnival, as long as I don't have to watch "desfiles" on TV, don't have to go to a club and jump all night among drunk people, don't have to cross "blocos de rua" on my way, and don't have to listen to samba all day long. That is, I love the long holiday, so that I can travel to a place where Carnival is just a distant memory or I can spend the days in SP enjoying the city a little less crowded than usual.

This Carnival, I did a bit of both, spent the weekend in the countryside and have been enjoying Sampa since yesterday, when I went to the movies and watched a great movie: A Fita Branca. The only problem was that everyone who was here seemed to have had the same idea, and the usually "calm" HSBC was crowded. Anyway, I was able to watch the film I had planned, a black-and-white German drama about a small village just before the I World War. Nothing to do with Carnival, but a great option.

Today, I went to Parque da Juventude in order to see the new public library, Biblioteca de São Paulo, recently opened, but, unfortunately, it was closed. I'm planning to go back next weekend, though. Right now, it's almost 3 pm and I'll probably watch another movie, maybe two, to enjoy the end of the holiday.

Feb 17 - Complementing the post from yesterday, I watched Avatar, much better than I expected. I wasn't interested at all in watching this movie, but it ended up as a good option. At least the visual effects are amazing, although the story seems to be a mix of many other films such as Matrix, Apocalypse Now, Armageddon, maybe even Pocahontas :-) There are many references and critics to our world, though.