domingo, 2 de junho de 2013

Movie activity - The Social Network

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Movie: The Social Network
Scenes: 3-4 (21’30 to 31’)

Before you watch, discuss these questions with a partner:

Ø    Do you use Facebook? How often do you access it?
Ø    Why do you like it (or don’t like it)?
Ø    Do you know how Facebook was created?
Ø    Do you know anything about its founder, Mark Zuckerberg?

Watch the scene and answer these questions:

1 – What did the Winklevoss twins propose to Mark? 

2 – Why is he being sued by them?

3 – What did Mark propose to his friend Eduardo?

4 – Why is Eduardo also suing Mark?


Match the words with their definitions:
a) plaintiff                  (    ) to show no respect, or to raise the tip of your thumb to the end of your nose to show that you do not respect somebody
b) witness                   (    ) someone who makes a legal complaint against someone else in court  
c) lawsuit                   (    ) the state of being famous for something bad
d) notoriety                (    ) a problem taken to a court of law, by an ordinary person or an organization rather than the police, for a legal decision    
e) to thumb your nose at sb/sth    (    ) a person who sees an event happening, especially a crime or
       an accident
f) to lead sb on           (    ) to persuade someone to believe something that is untrue

Now discuss these questions with your partner:

Ø    Do you believe Mark Zuckerberg stole the Winklevoss’s idea?
Ø    What’s your opinion about him?
Ø    What do you think of Facebook and other social media? Does it really “connect” more people or does it make us like in a virtual world only?

Ø    Do you think people are addicted to technology nowadays?