sábado, 23 de fevereiro de 2013

E-learning and Digital Cultures - Digital Artefact

And here we are almost at the end of the 5-week MOOC E-learning and Digital Cultures. Our final task is to prepare a digital artefact to represent at least one broad theme that was discussed throughout this period.
As a journalist and teacher, I tend to think much more about "texts" than about "images", so it was quite a challenge to avoid writing pages and pages and to summarize my ideas into a digital artefact.
Actually, I didn't prepare one, but a set of three pieces: an image and two videos.
I choose a dystopian view of the future, and decided to represent three main topics: the future of Education (through the image), the idea of transhumanism, and surveillance (through the videos).

In order to do this, I used the following websites and tools:
www.thinkstock.com (image bank)
www.musopen.org (public domain music)
www.flickr.com (to host the image)
www.youtube.com (to host the videos)
www.blogger.com (to host this post and all the elements together)
Adobe Photoshop (to treat and prepare the images)
Windows Movie Maker (to produce the videos)

Here you are the results of my work:

The future of Education?


Transhumanist M.O.M.

Hope you liked!