segunda-feira, 4 de outubro de 2010

Talking about elections...

How do you say:


primeiro and segundo turno?

A candidate needs more than 50 percent of the votes to win the election in the first round.(Businessweek)

No candidate looks like a sure-fire winner and the best prediction is the election will go into a second round. (

eleições municipais? We´re having local elections this year.

candidatar-se? He’s likely to run for president.

ir às urnas? We’ll go to the polls at the end of the year.

pesquisa de opinião? He’s going up in the polls.

cassar? He may be removed from office.

partido de direita/esquerda? He supports the right-wing/left-wing party.

tomar posse? She’s going to take office next month.

His term of office expires in 2008.

carreata e passeata? Texas officer with Obama's motorcade injured in accident. /
As I traveled through the country, buses and taxis were frequently delayed by election parades held by the different political parties.

votar em branco? But there is another possibility, which is to cast a blank vote. (

votar nulo? Voters may choose to spoil their vote. (

Ao invés de justificar o voto, que no Brasil seria preencher um documento e não votar em ninguém, no exterior existe a opção de votar à distância: In the state of Maine, any voter may cast an absentee ballot and is not required to give a reason.