quinta-feira, 10 de junho de 2010

Feedback to students

This activity was sent by my colleague Cinthia Mancini and it can be used as a warm-up or follow-up activity.

Divide students in groups and ask them to discuss these questions:

1) What does feedback mean?

2) How often do you receive feedback in your job?

3) Do you think that feedback is important? Why?

4) Have you received feedback in your English course this semester? When?

5) Can you identify feedback moments during the class?

After the discussion, the students share their opinions with the whole class, and the teacher can indicate some moments in the class when feedback occurs, even if it's not a "feedback session", such as:

- when the teacher calls the students in the end of the class to say that they need to attend "Plantão".

- when the teacher asks why they were absent and show them the activities the group had.

- when the teacher writes the sentences the students said on the board and they have to correct.
- when the teacher motivates the students not to give up the course.

- when the teacher suggests extra activities.

- when the teacher asks the students to stop speaking Portuguese.