sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2009

Lack of time

Sorry for not updating the blog this week, the last post was on Sunday! I promised myself to update it at least three times a week. Well, considering Sunday as the first day of the week, this is the second post, so I only need to update it tomorrow again to keep my word... :-)
The reason I decided to write now is exactly to point out that lack of time cannot (and should not) be an excuse for us not doing what we need to (or want to). I didn't have much time this week (actually, the whole year, but that's not the case), but it didn't prevent me from writing, even though a little late.
Today I went to four (very) different places in the city: Santana, Consolação, Paraíso and Penha. Yesterday I had to substitute a teacher at Wizard, besides my own classes in Vila Mariana and Tatuapé. On Wednesday I went to the doctor, went to Italian class and wrote four (short) stories for the magazine I also work for, on Monday and Tuesday I don't even remember everything I did. Even so, I prepared all my classes, correct all the homework the students handed in and even went to Yoga classes. Ok, my last Assignment for the Icelt is a little late, but I still have a week to finish it.
So, dear students, I guess you already know what the final message is, right? Don't tell me you didn't have time to do your homework!