domingo, 25 de outubro de 2009

I've won a prize from Pearson Longman!

This week I was informed that I was the winner of the First Lesson Competition promoted by Pearson Longman website. Teachers from all over the world sent lesson plans to take part in the contest and I won with the following activity, based on the movie The Devil Wears Prada.

The Devil Wears Prada

Answer the questions as you watch the second scene from the film (from 3’25” to 10’15”)

1 – Describe Andrea’s clothes and appearance and compare to the other girls in the office.
2 – Why did Emily laugh when Andrea said she wanted to work there?
3 – Who’s Miranda? How can you describe her physically and psychologically?
4 – Why did everybody get nervous when Emily got a message? What did they start to do?
5 – What happened during the job interview with Andrea? Was Miranda interested in her?
6 – How did Andrea convince Miranda she was the best person for the job?

Now, discuss the questions with a partner

Do you like fashion? Do you read fashion magazines?
Do you like to wear fashion clothes? Do you care about designer labels?
How much would you pay for a T-shirt, a pair of pants, a pair of shoes, a bag etc?
Is fashion important for society? Why (not)?
What’s your opinion about people who spend a lot of money on clothes and accessories? If you were very rich, would you spend much money in clothes too?
Do you think people judge others for their appearance? Why (not)?
How careful should we be about appearance when going to a job interview? What should/shouldn’t we do?

If you are interested in the answer key, just send me an email.