quarta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2009


I'm turning 30 today - last year I tell my age ;-) - and decided to write about some things I've done this year, because I have the impression that it has been a very busy year. I guess I need vacation...
Here you go: (teachers, you can use this to teach Present Perfect)

This year, for the first time,
- I've taught Portuguese for Brazilians (oficina de reciclagem)
- I've taught Portuguese for a foreigner (only two classes, but I did)
- I've taught English by phone (only two classes again, but a different experience)
- I've taught Spanish for a Basic group
- I've done my first 'official' work as a translator (some pages of tour guides from Rio and Turkey)
- I've given three volunteer workshops at a social program in Lapa
- I've created (and kept!) this professional blog
- I've interviewed ELT professionals for this blog (have you read all the interviews?)
- I've taken the ICELT course (almost in the end, finally!)
- I've done rapel (cool!)
- I've driven a kart (not very cool, well, maybe because I was the last one)
- I've played paintball (painfull, but cool!)
- I've been to Flip, in Parati (interesting!)
- I've suffered (and survived!) a bus accident

Besides, although not for the first time,
- I've changed jobs
- I've returned to Italian classes
- I've taught kids again
- I've taught many in-company classes
- I've written some stories for the newspaper Diário de S.Paulo
- I've written many stories for Revista do Jornaleiro (have you seen the post about the 100th edition?)
- I've written a story for Revista Young, to be published soon
- I've revised magazines about handcraft and cooking
- I've participated in some races (well, at least I pretend I run...)
And I do have time to read (a lot - wait for next post), meet my friends, go out, watch movies... so, dear students, don't tell me you don't have time to do your homework.

We still have three months to the end of the year... Wanna try something different? Call me up!