terça-feira, 7 de setembro de 2010

Teaching and learning

One of the greatest things about teaching is that you are constantly learning. At the moment I have a student who is going to travel to attend the Frankfurt Book Fair, so I need to learn (so that I can teach) some vocabulary related to this business.
Check your knowledge about the publishing market (if you want the answer key, send me an email):

Fill in the blanks with the words/expressions below:

Paperback - spiral binding - restoration - bookbinding - hardcover - Digest size - section - bifolio - verso - recto - leaf - spine - codex - front - cover - pocketbooks - book jacket

1 - ________________is the process of physically assembling a book from a number of folded or unfolded sheets of paper or other material.
2 - A________________book has rigid covers and is stitched in the spine.
3 – A _______________ is a book bound in a flexible paper cover.
4 -_________________ is the most economical form of mechanical binding when using plastic or metal. It is commonly used for atlases and other publications where it is necessary or desirable to be able to open the publication back on itself without breaking the spine.
5 - Conservation and _________________are practices intended to repair damage to an existing book.
6 - A __________________or folio is a single complete page, front and back, in a finished book.
7 - The __________________side of a leaf faces left when the leaf is held straight up from the spine (that is, an odd-numbered page).
8 – The_________________ side of a leaf faces right when the leaf is held straight up from the spine (or an even-numbered page).
9 - ___________________is a magazine size, smaller than a conventional size magazine but larger than a standard paperback book, approximately 5½ x 8¼ inches.
10 - A __________________is a single sheet folded in half to make two leaves. Each half of the bifolio is a folio, though the terms are often used interchangeably.
11 - A __________________is a group of bifolios nested together as a single unit.
12 - A ________________is a series of one or more sections sewn through their folds, and linked together by the sewing thread.
13 - The _________________is the front of the book, and it usually contains at least the title and/or author, with possibly an appropriate illustration.
14 - The ______________is the vertical edge of a book as it normally stands on a bookshelf.
15 - Some small paperback books are sub-classified as ________________.
16 – A _________________ or dust jacket is a removable paper cover, usually illustrated, for protecting the binding of a book and usually giving information about the book and the author.

Source: Wikipedia