quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2010

BT - Workshops, talks and demos that I attended

These are the workshops/demos I've attended at Braz-Tesol. What about you? What did you watch? Share what you've learned with us!

BRAZ-TESOLers and Peace: Toward a New Era of Linguistics
Speaker: Patricia Friedrich
19/7, 1h30

The Perils of Being a Linguist
Speaker: David Crystal
20/7, 1h

Foreign Language Teachers Can Make a Difference: Leadership Qualities vs. Management Skills
Speaker: Herbert Puchta
20/7, 1h

Using Blogs with High School Students – a Classroom Research
Speaker: Célia Santiago – Senac Sorocaba
20/7, 45min

Exploring Lexical Bundles to Improve the Teaching of Writing
Speakers: Tony Berber Sardinha (PUC-SP) and Deise Dutra (UFMG)
20/7, 1h30

Affective Teaching
Speaker: Elcio Souza, Unibero
20/7, 1h30

Questions of Identity
Speaker: Ben Goldstein
21/7, 45min

A Pout-porri of Cool Digital Tools for the Language Classroom
Speakers: Carla Arena and Erika Cruvinel, Casa Thomas Jefferson (DF)
21/7, 45min

Newspaper Headlines in the English Class
Speaker: Marcia Becker, UFPR
21/7, 45min

Online Professional Development: The story so far…
Speaker: Graeme Hodgson, British Council
21/7, 45min

That’s Entertainment!
Speakers: Michele Schwertner (Acele) e Maria Claudia Candia (Colégio Metodista)
22/7, 45min

Chunks of Language; Dealing with them in the Classroom
Speaker: Denilso de Lima, Curitiba (PR)
22/7, 1h30

And that's the one I presented!
Demo-session: Movies in the Classroom
21/7, 45min