sábado, 24 de julho de 2010

Braz-Tesol Convention - Top Ten

This is the first text of many others I'm planning to write about BT Convention, I just need my "silent period" to "digest" all the information that was shared at the event. So, let's start with the famous Top Ten List, in my opinion, of course:

Top Ten Things That Happened to me at Braz-Tesol Convention:

1 - Presenting for the first time in such an important event. I had already given workshops in some schools and in a volunteer project, but not in a national convention. And the room was really crowded! (Yeah, I did fear that only my closer colleagues would show up to support me).

2 - Finally meeting face to face some professionals that I only "knew" through email, such as Graeme Hodgson (British Council), Daphne Walder (Pearson), Denilso de Lima (author of Inglês na Ponta da Língua and Por Que Assim e Não Assado?), Sergio Almeida (Oxford University Press), Claudio Azevedo (Movie Segments' blog), Ilan Kernerman (KDictionaries) and others.

3 - Having the chance to interview, although briefly, professionals like David Crystal, Herbert Puchta, Ben Goldstein, Tony Berber Sardinha. Wait and see the article I'm writing about the event!

4 - Having the chance to meet again Vinicius Nobre, Elcio Souza, José Roberto Igreja and Jack Scholes, who I had already interviewed, but I hardly ever see.

5 - Meeting again colleagues from some schools I had worked for, classmates from the ICELT group (2009) and even an ex-student (Anderson Giacomello).

6 - Getting to know what teachers are doing around the country and sharing ideas.

7 -Having loads of new ideas to update the blog and for my professional development in the near future (such as the E-tutoring course from British Council).

8 - Hearing Patricia Friedrich say that "teaching is not just a job". It's much more thant that!

9 - Hearing David Crystal say he was mistaken for Santa Claus in Colombia!

10 - Getting to know that the next Convention will he in Rio. I love it there! (and hope two friends of mine will still be living there by 2012, so I'll have a place to stay).

What about you? What did you enjoy the most about the Conference? Write to me and share your comments!