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3 atividades com filmes

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Um tema que sempre costuma atrair a atenção de alunos e professores é o uso de filmes em sala de aula. Ao propor atividades com cenas de filmes, os professores podem tornar suas aulas mais dinâmicas e interessantes, além de contribuir para que os alunos tenham mais acesso a linguagem autêntica. Que tal aproveitar as férias para colocar o cinema em dia e pensar em novas atividades para suas aulas? Para ajudar, seguem três sugestões.

Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Casamento Grego)

Suggested objectives / topics: Discuss different cultures, immigration, social problems
Suggested levels: Upper-Intermediate on
Scenes: 1-2 (from 1min25 to 6min36)

Before you watch, discuss these questions with a partner: 
  ü   Have you ever moved to a different country? How was the experience? Do you know anyone who has moved to another country? How was their experience?
  ü  Would you like to move to another country? Why (not)?
  ü  Do you think people should be allowed to immigrate to any country they wanted without restrictions? Why (not)?

Answer the questions while you watch the scenes:
1 – Toula’s family emigrated from Greece to Chicago, the USA. Was it easy for Toula to adapt herself to her new life? Why (not)?
2 – How does her father feel about being Greek? How can you prove that with examples from the film?
3 – Toula asked her mother why she had to go to Greek school. What did her mother reply?
4 – How does Toula feel about her family and her own life? Why do you think that?

Now, discuss these questions in groups:
ü  How are the experiences of visiting another country and immigrating to another country similar or different?
ü  If you had to immigrate now, what would concern you most? Language? Work? Why?
ü  How different do you think the concerns about immigration are from a 10-year-old child, a teenager, an adult and an old person?
ü  Do you think immigration is a social problem? Why?

Movie: Bridget Jones’s Diary (O Diário de Bridget Jones)
Suggested objectives / topics: Discuss embarrassing situations / Focus on British pronunciation  
Suggested levels: Intermediate on
Scene: 13 (from 36min50 to 40min15)

Before you watch, match these words with their meaning:
a) tart                                          (    ) a priest in the Church of England
b) vicar                                       (    ) a small problem or fault that prevents something from being successful or working as well as it should
c) chap                                       (    ) a woman who intentionally wears the type of clothes and make-up that attract sexual attention 
d) glitch                                     (    ) very strange and unusual     
e) bizarre                                   (    ) a man

Answer the questions as you watch a scene:
1 – How was Bridget Jones dressed up?
2 – Why was she dressed up like that?
3 – Why did she get embarrassed?
4 – Was she the only person wearing a costume? How many others were there?

Now, discuss these questions with a partner:
- Have you ever faced an embarrassing situation? How was that?
- How did you deal with this situation?
- What embarrassing situations can happen at work? At school? At a social environment?

Movie: Juno
Suggested levels: Intermediate on
Scene: 2-3 (from 16min32 to 26min10)
Suggested objectives / topics: Discuss teenage pregnancy, abortion / Debate / 2nd Conditional

Before you watch, discuss these questions with a partner:

- What would you do if you (or your girlfriend) got pregnant when you were 16?
- Do you know anyone who had a baby when they were teenagers? How did it change their lives?

Watch the scene and answer these questions:
1 – What was Juno’s first decision when she discovered she was pregnant?
2 – Why do you think she changed her mind?
3 – What did her friend suggest she should do?
4 – What was Juno’s parents’ reaction when she told them she was pregnant?

Now, discuss these questions in groups:
ü  What do you think parents should do when their teenage daughter gets pregnant? And if they are the boy’s parents? Should their attitudes be different?
ü  Do you consider giving the baby for adoption a good option when you don’t have conditions to raise him/her?

ü  What about abortion? Are you for or against it? In which situations?