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Article - The 20 Best Job Apps for New Grads

Sent by Tim Handorf
Posted at http://www.bestcollegesonline.com/blog/2012/06/20/the-20-best-job-apps-for-new-grads

Laptop manufacturers have to be worried. Based on absolutely no proof, we’re guessing you could probably land a space shuttle with an iPad now. One thing we’re certain you can do is make your job search easier. So if you’re a new graduate, traipsing around Europe or camping out in Zuccotti Park, don’t sweat not having your computer. Just throw your smartphone or tablet into your backpack and go, knowing these 20 apps have all your job hunting needs covered.

  1. Job Search by Indeed:

    Millions of people have downloaded this great app offered by job-hunting site Indeed.com. The app perfectly reproduces the simple and effective process of searching job postings on the site, with simple viewing of new jobs listed since your last visit, and the functionality of saving queries for quick searching later.

  2. In the Door:

    As in, where you want to get your foot. Simply navigate your tablet or smartphone to the site, log in through Facebook, and find available jobs at the places your friends work. In fact, you can see all the companies hiring in your network, meaning jobs connected with your city or your alma mater are open to you, too.

  3. My Facecard:

    This app is the latest and greatest in digital business card sharing. With My Facecard you can tailor both sides of your digital business card, including background, font, and images. Transmit it easily to a business contact by the “bump” feature, and they’ll be left with a clickable calling card they can use to get in touch.

  4. Jobs by CareerBuilder:

    The popular job-hunting site presents this offering for iPhone owners to let them find and apply for jobs near (or far from) them. Search by keyword, location, company, employment type, and more. The app keeps track of listings you’ve looked at and lets you save them for looking at later.

  5. Droidin:

    We can’t in good conscience recommend LinkedIn Mobile to you, as we don’t approve of the app’s stealing data from users’ calendars. That being said, we can heartily recommend Droidin, which collects no personal info but does act as an awesome LinkedIn client. Sync connections with your phone contacts, accept connection invitations, update your status, and more.

  6. Xing:

    If you want to get away from LinkedIn altogether, try the app from Xing. Xing is a similar professional networking site that helps you find work projects, in addition to helpful business contacts. The app has a clean interface, and it’s also available on iOS.

  7. Pocket Resume:

    Who needs a laptop? Now you can create and send a professional-quality resume from your Android-based smartphone. The app streamlines the process of creating your CV, but the beauty is the ability to edit on the go, should the need ever arise. And the developer promises that integration with LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, and Monster is coming soon.

  8. Job Search Engine by LinkUp.com:

    Many users say they were connected  through this app with jobs that they hadn’t seen listed anywhere else. The app pulls that off by letting you search listings posted only on individual companies’ sites. You can set the app to notify you when a saved job listing is closed, as well as view vacancies across the country in a single space.

  9. WorldCard Mobile:

    It will be a while before paper business cards disappear entirely. Until then, spend the $7 it costs to download WorldCard Mobile. The app uses your smartphone camera to intuitively rip a contact’s details into a digital file that you can then store, sort, export, and more.

  10. JobMo:

    For access to jobs listed across the major job sites, including Monster, SimplyHired, and TheLadders, check out this app by Kiefer Consulting. Available on iTunes and Google Play, the app lets you compare salaries, view trends, and connect with other job hunters for tips or info on companies that interest you.

  11. Monster Job Search:

    Access and control your Monster profile from your Android phone with this app. It adds some slick features like push notifications for jobs that should interest you based on your criteria, job alerts over email, and the ability to edit cover letters.

  12. LunchMeet:

    The business lunch goes digital with this app that works in conjunction with your LinkedIn account to help you arrange mid-day meal meetings with other professionals. Set up your calendar availability and the areas you’re willing to meet and start making connections.

  13. Interview Questions Pro:

    For the low price of $.99 your iPhone becomes a mobile interview coach. Prep yourself to be peppered with queries from employers by quizzing yourself on the 600-plus questions developed by HR professionals on subjects involving work history, behavior, critical thinking, and more.

  14. iPQ Career Planner:

    Personality assessment company SHL released this app into the iTunes market to point job seekers toward the jobs they are best suited for. The free app will help you identify your key strengths and (for an extra buck) will send you a report on the jobs you are most likely to enjoy.

  15. Labor Stats:

    If you’re willing to work outside your degree field, check out this app made by the Department of Labor. It will give you insight into what industries are hiring the most, what geographic regions give you your best chance of landing a job, and more. And best of all, Uncle Sam doesn’t charge a dime for it.

  16. Dropbox:

    Although its uses range far beyond job seeking, this convenient app for storing documents and other files to a cloud that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection might be the difference in getting your foot in the door or having it slammed in your face.

  17. TweetMyJobs:

    This app wins on sheer cool factor: sign up with the type of job you’re looking for, then point your iPhone around. The location-based app finds matching jobs for you. It can also be programmed to send you job updates by Twitter (obviously), email, or SMS.

  18. iFreelancer:

    If you need some quick contract work to keep you afloat while you wait for something better to come along, try iFreelancer. The app pools postings from sites like Freelancer.com, Elance.com, Odesk.com, and Scriptlance.com and notifies you when a listing pops up in your area of expertise.

  19. Evernote:

    The best note-taking app available across platforms, Evernote can help you keep track of the details of your job search. Jot notes before, during, and after interviews for editing or sharing and syncing to your other devices later. You can also record voice messages and create to-do lists for yourself.

  20. HootSuite:

    Twitter is full of opportunities to job hunt, by following job posting feeds or searching by relevant hashtags. The best way to keep track of your searches is HootSuite, which helps you streamline the process and customize views of your saved searches. It even has a handy built-in “Job Search” feature to speed you along.